Workshop update and New Workshop this Saturday!

Workshop update and New Workshop this Saturday!


The last two workshops held at Karuna were wonderful! The Art Therapy workshop was a lot of fun and turned out to be an insightful and rewarding experience. You really can learn a lot about yourself when you’re being creative! We created our own mandalas! The mandalas were completely interpretive based on what came up for us in our meditation. The mandalas didn’t have to be symmetrical, they were a symbol of our meditation experience and a way of processing our week. It was great!


The Singing Bowl Workshop was also fun and very interesting! We learned about the different types of bowls and what they’re used for; whether it be for clearing a space, meditation, or for healing. We learned about how they’re made, and we practised using them. Not only was it very informative, it was very relaxing! The sounds are beautiful and just the practising alone was a mindful meditation. With hope there will be future workshops with art and sound!


Upcoming workshop for this Saturday, the 14th May will be on learning how to manage stress, entitled “The New You.” This workshop is run by Allyson who is a counsellor at Karuna Wellness Centre! Allyson is available for private sessions by appointments on Saturdays.   Workshop Details   –   Time: 10am-12pm.   Cost: $10 per person and bring a friend for free!   What: Learn and understand what is stress. What is really going on with your psychological, emotional and physical health. You will learn useful techniques on how to manage stress and how to build upon your own internal resources when stress appears in your life.   When: This coming Saturday, the 14th May.  To reserve your spot… Contact: Allyson – 0476 166 797 // //  or myself, Kristie – 0410 704 413 //


Below are photo’s from the workshops! Have a great week!

Kristie x

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop” ~ Ovid