Winter Workshops!

Winter Workshops!

Hello all,

During June and July there will be 4 workshops running at Karuna Wellness Centre! Movie Night, Mandala Drawing, Embody Love & Yoga, and Qi Gong will run over the next couple of months! For now, info on the first 2 might be enough! Stay tuned for Embody Love & Yoga, and Qi Gong workshop details in future posts.


Tea, Movie, and Meditation! The film is entitled “Wake Up.” It is a documentary about young man’s life and spiritual journey. One day during his 37th year he suddenly begins to see things. Things like energy, aura’s, angels, geometry. In the film he goes on a journey seeking guidance from various spiritual teachers. Guidance and understanding on what is happening and what it means for him in his life. I, personally really dig this film. I enjoy hearing about people’s mystical experiences and find them quite insightful. Below are the details and trailer!

Film: Wake Up –

When: Friday 17th June – 6:30-9pm. Arrive at 6:30pm for tea, film will start at 7pm, followed by a meditation until 9pm.

Cost: $30

To reserve your spot, contact me on 0410 704 413.


On Friday, the 1st of July we have the lovely Emma (who runs Yoga fortnightly at Karuna on a Thursday night) running the Mandala Drawing Workshop! In this workshop we will practise meditation, and Emma will explain the basic principles behind the drawing of mandalas. No artistic experience needed! This is all about creative expression! This workshop will involve the drawing of shapes while listening to chakra balancing music. Some info will be available for you to take home also.

Workshop: Tea, Meditation, and Mandala Drawing

When: Friday 1st July – 6:30-8:30pm. Arrive at 6:30pm for tea, meditation and mandala drawing will start at 7pm, finishing at 8:30pm.

Cost: $30

To reserve your spot, contact me on 0410 704 413 or email Emma at


Have a safe and happy long weekend!

Kristie x

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