Upcoming Art Therapy Workshop and Counselling at KWC!

Upcoming Art Therapy Workshop and Counselling at KWC!

Hi there!

The first event held at Karuna on Friday, the 19th of February was great! Many thanks to all who attended! The tea was delicious, the movie screening of ‘I AM’ went well and we finished with a lovely meditation based on our interconnectedness. The tea I served was from a lovely shop called ‘The Tea Centre.’ The popular tea was Mango and Apricot black tea. Here is the link to the Tea Centre’s website for more info! http://www.theteacentre.com.au/ … After our little tea party we sat down to watch I AM. The film brought up some great points on our innate ability to feel and express empathy, compassion, kindness, connection and love. We are all connected, and we are connected to all of life! How wonderful! I hope those of you who came along enjoyed the night as well. Here is a photo I snapped before the tea was served.

tea party pic feb 2016








Art Therapy! Art therapy is a creative method of expression used as a therapeutic technique. In this workshop, our leader Chontelle will guide us through a gentle meditation, followed by experiencing expressing ourselves using our creativity. There is no right or wrong in terms of art or expressing yourself through art and meditation. For those of you who might be saying “I’m not creative” or “I can’t draw,” remember, this is about expression and creativity, and is essentially a mindfulness exercise! This will be a good practice in loving-kindness also.

The details for the event to be held on Friday the 11th March (next week!) are as follows… Tea, followed by Art Therapy with Chontelle.   Time: 6-8pm.   What: Tea at 6pm, followed by Art Therapy Workshop at 6:30pm.   Cost: $40.   What to expect: Learn how to express meditation through art and art through meditation! And understand how we can use art to express our feelings. Sharing your experience is also a part of the workshop, and of course it is optional!   What to bring: Any materials of your own that you wish to bring along for the workshop including pencils, crayons, textas etc… Chontelle and I will also be providing materials.   Please book your spot with me, Kristie, on 0410 704 413.

A lot has been happening so far at Karuna Wellness Centre this year! Starting as of this Saturday the 5th of March is a Counselling and NLP service with Counsellor Allyson Boneham! Allyson will be offering her services on a Saturday by appointment. Allyson will help you to identify your desired goals and then seek to achieve them by using your own and new resources and skills. If you are experiencing ongoing stress, anxiety, depressive states, traumas, or would like couples counselling, please get in touch with me, or contact Allyson on allysonboneham@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to working with both Chontelle and Allyson, and Kate continues to run her yoga class on a Thursday night. Thanks all!

Kristie x

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life” ~ Lin Yutang