To Be/To Do Lists

To Be/To Do Lists

Around the end of December and the beginning of January, I reflect upon the year that was. I reflect on the months that passed, the experiences that stand out, and the lessons that were learned. I find that by doing this, it puts the year into perspective. I can look at the year with some distance, and hopefully with some clarity. After the reflection period, and journalling my observations, memories, lessons, thoughts, insights etc.. I also contemplate the future. What do I want for myself? What changes need to be made? What are my intentions for the year ahead? Who do I want to be? So, for the last few years I have been writing both “To Be” lists, and “To Do” lists. This is not like any other “New Year’s Resolution” list. Honestly, I believe goals and intentions for one’s life can be decided at any moment, at any time of the year. It does not have to happen January 1st. However, if it means people are thinking about their life in a positive way, then that is wonderful.

Take some time for yourself to write your lists. Meditate first, or take a few deep breaths. Make sure you will have a bit of quiet time to contemplate your intentions for the year ahead. With these lists, I recommend leaving them in a place where you can see them throughout the week. Mine are at my bedside. A few nights a week, I will remind myself of my intentions. Without sharing too much, I will give you an example of what is on my lists.



*Be accepting of life, and trust it

*Be mindful of myself and others, without losing my balance


*Learn new things – study

*Create new classes


Be kind and honest with yourself when making these lists, and know that if your intentions are not exactly being fulfilled throughout the year, that is ok. Be gentle with yourself. Maybe your intentions will change throughout the coming year. It’s all good! If you have any thoughts you’d like to share about “To Be” or “To Do” Lists, then please do so!


Kristie x

“I am one with the infinite wisdom and capabilities of the Universe itself” ~ Louise Hay