Term 4. Timetable

Term 4. Timetable

Hi there,

We have been on break over the school holidays, and as that draws close to a close, Term 4 will start as of this Monday, the 10th of October! Below is the full timetable. You may notice that two classes have been cancelled. In the new year, there will hopefully be new classes in its place! But for now, see the revised timetable. In other news, you also may have seen the Blog page on this website. The Blog page will be for FAQ’s, information and interesting links regarding the wellness industry, discussions of spirituality and mindfulness, and here I will share my Tai Chi Tuesday video’s! If you wish to sign up, please enter your email address on the Blog page. This Events page is purely for class and workshop information.


Monday: Tai Chi 6-7pm //  10th October – 12th December (10 weeks)

Tuesday: Tai Chi 10-11am // 11th October – 13th December (10 weeks)     &     Tai Chi 6:45-8pm // 11th October – 6th December (9 weeks)

Wednesday: Meditation 10-11am // 12th October – 14th December (10 weeks).     Tai Chi for Beginners 6-7pm, & Meditation 7:30-8:30pm // 11th October – 7th December (9 weeks)

Thursday: Yoga 6:30-7:30pm // To book, contact Emma – 0403 850 333

Private Tai Chi and Meditation lessons: By appointment at Karuna Wellness Centre with Kristie

*Christmas Dinner* Thursday, the 15th December.


Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all this week!

Kristie x

“What you do for yourself, any gesture of kindness, any gesture of gentleness will transform how you experience the world. What you do for yourself, you’re doing for others, and what you’re doing for others, you’re doing for yourself” ~ Pema Chodron