Meditation is a mental practice of single-pointed focus with the intention of going beyond the thinking mind and into a deeper state of relaxation, creativity, awareness, acceptance and peace. It is a holistic practice, integrating mind, body, and spirit.

Karuna Wellness Centre

Health Benefits of Meditation

  • A focused mind, clear thinking and mental relaxation
  • Relieves anxiety and stress, enhancing peace of mind
  • Greater creativity, improved learning ability and memory
  • Decreases pain and muscle tension, promoting physical relaxation
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Normalises blood pressure
  • Increases serotonin production which influences mood
  • Increases emotional balance
  • Enhances a sense of self and purpose
  • Develop a greater personal awareness and insight
  • Greater connection to our inner self (higher self, soul, god, spirit)
  • An improved sense of spiritual awakening, growth, and fulfilment
Karuna Wellness Centre

About our Classes

These meditation classes are open to everyone and are great for beginners, intermediate or experienced meditation practitioners. Classes run for 1 hour. Many meditation techniques will be explored in these classes. Please contact Kristie to check for class availability.