“The Art of Extreme Self Care” by Cheryl Richardson is one of the books I purchased at the ‘I Can Do It Workshops’ a couple of weeks ago. Her talk was great, and during her class she discussed some of the themes from her book.

1. Disappoint others.  2. Resign as general manager of the universe.  3. You’re so sensitive.

When Cheryl told us to “piss off one person a day for 30 days” I was in shock! For those of us squirming in our seats when she said that (I was one of those people), she said we need to practise this the most! The idea is to become desensitized to  fears of conflict and letting people down by confronting their anger, disappointment, or hurt feelings head-on, which may come as a reult of saying No, or listening to your soul, or looking after yourself and practising self care. Sometimes you need to say no in order to honour yourself, and in doing so, you may disappoint or annoy others. She says “in order to live a soul directed life, you must master the art of disappointing others, especially when you make a choice that honours you.” I get this, I am working on it. I have realised that people will be annoyed with me or disappointed in me from time to time, and that is beyond my control. I can be a people pleaser, and sometimes I say yes when I really mean no. As I said, I’m working on it… Someone once said to me, when you say yes, make sure it is a heartfelt yes.

Resign as general manager of the universe is really about letting go. Surrender. Release the need to control.

I connected to Cheryl when she talked about being sensitive. I have always been sensitive, and up until recently, I have realised that it is indeed a gift, and a strength – not a weakness. Being sensitive allows me to be empathetic, perceptive, and sensitive to nature and animals. Cheryl talked about protecting our sensitivity. In her book, she explains how to best do this, here are some of the points. 1. Be in the moment.  2. Stop the violence – limit your exposure to all forms of sensational or violent news.  3. Turn down the noise – sensitivity is nurtured by silence.

I really enjoyed her talk, and encourage anyone reading this to seek out her books, and if you get a chance to see her speak, take it!

Kristie x

“There is always beauty to be found in the darkness. You just need to adjust your vision” ~ Cheryl Richardson