News for April at KWC

News for April at KWC

Hi all!

This month at Karuna we have TWO upcoming workshops, and a brand new Tai Chi for Beginners class! The first workshop will be Art Therapy with Chontelle. We had rescheduled it from last month to this month on Friday, April 15th! And then on Saturday, the 30th of April we have a Singing Bowl Workshop with Anup of Singbowl. Tai Chi for Beginner’s will start as of Term 2! Feel free to share this post with anyone you think may find these workshops and classes interesting! Workshop and class details are as follows:


Art Therapy Workshop

When: Friday, 15th April.     Time: 7-9pm.      Cost: $40.      What: Tea party // 7-7:30pm.  Workshop // 7:30-9pm.  In this workshop, our guest Chontelle will be guiding the group through a meditation followed by creative self-expression. Art is used as a therapeutic tool for increased self-awareness, personal insight, healing, and to enhance our concentration practice. There is no right or wrong. We will draw, colour, and explore our creativity in whatever way feels natural to us. Sharing of the experience with the group is welcome, and also completely up to you! Chontelle is a trained counsellor and art therapist and will be there to guide you through the workshop. Please contact me, Kristie, on 0410 704 413 to reserve your spot! *Bring your own materials if you wish! Various materials and paper will also be provided for you.


Singing Bowl Workshop

When: Saturday, 30th April.     Time: 7-9pm.     Cost: $30.     What: Workshop // 7-8:30pm.  Tea party // 8:30-9pm.  This workshop is a sound healing/singing bowl workshop. Anup is our guest and he will be teaching the group how to use singing bowls! If you’re not familiar with what a singing bowl is, it is a sound healing/meditation instrument that when struck, produces sounds which invoke feelings of deep relaxation. We will be shown how to play them, and then enjoy a sound bath meditation. We will get to meditate listening to the sounds being played. After the workshop we will serve tea and there will be an opportunity to talk to Anup and purchase a bowl if you wish. Please contact me, Kristie, on 0410 704 413 to reserve your spot!

As a side note… My bowl was purchased from The Rocks Markets, here in Sydney, from Anup’s Singbowl stall. I love my bowl, and am interested in buying another! They do make beautiful sounds. When I teach seated tai chi at the nursing homes I play the bowl at the end of tai chi, and they absolutely love it. They request that I bring it in for every lesson!


Tai Chi for Beginners!

When: Term 2. Wednesday, 27th April.     Time: 6-7pm.     Cost: First class free!     What: If you’ve wanted to try a class and start from the very beginning, and learn a form/sequence from start to finish, then this is the class for you! We begin with gentle warm-ups, followed by tai chi movements, and finish with a short meditation at the end of class. Please contact me, Kristie, on 0410 704 413 or email to reserve your spot!


Links and Info

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