My Interview with Dr Paul Lam

My Interview with Dr Paul Lam


Last month, I had the honour of being interviewed by Paul Lam. Paul is creator of the Tai Chi for Health Programs that I have been practising and teaching for almost 10 years! I met Paul at my very first tai chi workshop where I was attending the ‘Tai Chi for Arthritis’ instructors course in January, 2008. We both developed arthritis at a young age, and have a mutual understanding that having arthritis led to learning tai chi. I wouldn’t have known about tai chi for health if it weren’t for him though! Paul’s experiences of having arthritis, and his medical background led to the development of the tai chi for health programs that so many people practise throughout the world today.

Some of you may or may not know I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in my knees at the age of six. It started in my left knee, and then affected my right knee the following year. Throughout my childhood and adolescence my knees would go back and forth from being “active” (inflamed), to being in “remission” (no swelling). Much like a dormant volcano! Throughout those years I was on and off medication, had my knee drained more times than I can remember, and couldn’t do certain sporting activities, like long jump at the athletics carnivals (which was fine by me!). As I was reaching the end of my teen years my knees were active again, and this flare up was the worst it had ever been. At nineteen, I needed to do some gentle exercise and start moving my body again. That’s where tai chi comes in! I found a local class and started attending. The classes always left me feeling relaxed, in less pain, with loose joints, and feeling supported by the lovely teacher and ladies in that class.  When I began learning tai chi I had no idea that I would be teaching it a year later! And here we are almost ten years later… Wow!

I hope you enjoy the interview! Paul is a lovely soul and I’m grateful he invited me to talk to him about my tai chi journey.

Love, Kristie x