For the Lovers of Nature…

For the Lovers of Nature…


Below is a link to an episode of Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Sunday’ which airs on the OWN Network. This episode features Louie Schwartzberg who is a very talented and inspiring time lapse nature photographer. The interview is very interesting, and you will get to see nature through his photography what the naked eye cannot.

This is a wonderful episode that is heart, and eye opening. We must protect and care for the world. Louie says that through the beauty of nature we are able to connect with it, and therefore feel more deeply inclined to care for it.

Allow nature to slow you down and go with the flow of your life, as opposed to rush through it. Allow yourself to be present, and enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature. For me, nature is an amazing gift, one that is a reminder of my true self as an energetic, spiritual being. A reminder that I am connected to everything and everyone. That feeling of connectedness brings me incredible peace, comfort, and love. See how nature resonates with you…

To watch the episode click on this link – …and then click the link that says ‘Louie Schwartzberg’, found in the bottom right corner.

This episode is also for the lovers of photography, of course! Please feel free to share this with anybody and everybody!

Kristie x

“Nature’s beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude” ~ Louie Schwartzberg