I Can Do It – Workshop

I Can Do It – Workshop


This past weekend I attended the ‘I Can Do It Workshop’ and ‘The Writer’s Workshop’ that were held by Hay House. I attended The Saturday session of ‘I Can Do It’ and then ‘The Writer’s Workshop’ on Monday. Both days were fantastic! The wonderful authors that held classes on Saturday were Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Robert Holden, and Suze Orman. Over the next couple of entries, I will share some of the insights and teachings of these wise individuals. There were many profound, inspiring words that were uttered, and I am very grateful I attended this particular workshop.

Ok, in the first session, Louise and Cheryl talked about loving yourself (of course they did!) and it was a great class. Some of the topics were “Stop all Criticism of Yourself – Accept Yourself as You Are,” “Treat Yourself with Patience, Gentleness and Kindness,” “Be Kind to your Mind Self,” “Praise Yourself,” “Support Yourself, and Allow People to Help You,” among others…

As Louise and Cheryl were discussing these themes with us, they mentioned a great question we need to ask ourselves. While looking in the mirror, ask yourself “What can I do to make you happy right now/what can I do to make you feel better?” This is a great question, something to think about…

I also appreciated when they talked about allowing people to help us. There have been times (not always) when I have avoided asking for help because “I can do it all by myself” and “I don’t need anyone’s help.” Since I’ve been more aware of this within myself, I find that I am ok with asking for help, and that it really is ok, because we need the support of others. As Louise said “Life loves you, and life likes you to reach out.” Another lesson that connects to this perfectly is that “Receiving is an act of generosity.” So true! When you receive openly and accept the gifts that come your way, this is really a gift to the giver, because it comes from their heart, and you are honouring them in receiving with your whole heart. This came up for me about a year ago, and when I heard this, it has been life changing. I hope these words inspire you as much as they have inspired me. Have a wonderful week, everybody!

Kristie x

“Experiences come and go; however, my love for myself is constant” ~ Louise L. Hay