Friendship Bracelet Fundraiser and KWC turns 6!

Friendship Bracelet Fundraiser and KWC turns 6!

Hi there,

Over the last few months I had been raising money for ‘The Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal.’ Together, we raised $1,060!! Amazing result! One I did not expect, however, one I am very grateful for! Because of the great feedback I received, I decided to keep this project going… I have decided to call this project “Every Bracelet Has A Story”. What I love about this project is that each bracelet to each person is so individual and unique. From the colours they’re drawn to, to the reason for their particular bracelet. Some choose to wear them, others prefer them as a bookmark. Some choose to use it as a reminder to be mindful, others, to remember to be loving toward themselves. So, from the 1st September until the 30th November I will be running another fundraiser. This time the cause is ‘Mental Health NSW.’ I believe mental health awareness and treatment is very important, and with Mental Health Month being in October, I feel this is a fitting organisation to give to. I called Mental Health NSW and I learned that 100% of the money donated goes to the running of their programs and information services. None of the donations go to administration costs, as that is funded by the government. So the money will be put toward the running of their support groups, mental health programs for the workplace and schools, factsheets, and other information services.

If you wish to place an order for bracelets, do let me know. The bracelets are $5 each. As I am an individual undertaking this project, 80% of what I raise will go to Mental Health NSW, and 20% will cover the materials and postage. At the end of November, I will make the donation in one lump sum, sending you proof of receipt. With the previous fundraiser I had mailed bracelets to Melbourne, the UK, USA, and HK. Again, amazing. So, I am willing to ship anywhere! If you are local, let me know and you can pick them up from the studio here in Lugarno. Thank you all so much to those of you who have been super encouraging! What was a random “bracelet reminder thingy” idea intended for my classes, has turned into regular fundraising for important causes! Wow! THANK YOU!

At the bottom of this post are photo’s from my new Instagram page @everybracelethasastory. Feel free to give the page or myself, @kristievasili, a follow.

In other news, tomorrow, September 1st, is Karuna Wellness Centre’s 6th Birthday! I become more and more grateful with each passing year. Thank you to all of my beautiful students for another year of Tai Chi and Meditation classes. Your support and kindness is always noticed and appreciated. Thank you xxx

Kristie x

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with objects it loves” ~ Carl Jung