Dates for Term 3 & Upcoming NLP Info Night!

Dates for Term 3 & Upcoming NLP Info Night!

Term 2 of Tai Chi and Meditation has ended, and Term 3 will begin as of Monday the 14th July! The following are the dates for the classes, including the Pilates class with Peta. At Karuna, there will be an NLP Practitioner Training Workshop from August-September, as well as a Free Information Night called ‘Mind Magic’ for those interested, and this will be held this month! 


Term 3.

Monday: Tai Chi 6-7pm & Meditation 7.30-8.30pm // 14th July – 15th September (10 weeks)

Tuesday: Tai Chi 10-11am & Tai Chi 6.45-8pm // 15th July – 16th September (10 weeks)

Wednesday: Meditation 10-11am & Tai Chi 6.45-8pm // 16th July – 17th September (10 weeks)

Thursday: Pilates with Peta 6.45 – 7.45pm // 7th August – 25th September (8 weeks)

Friday: Tai Chi 10-11am //18th July – 19th September (10 weeks)


‘Mind Magic’ – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Info Night with Luke Dixon of ‘The Institute of Mind Artistry’

A Free Information Night on NLP which will serve as an introduction to the NLP Practitioner Training Workshop will be held on Thursday, the 17th July from 7-9pm at Karuna Wellness Centre. The info night and workshops are open to everyone whether or not you’d like to become an NLP Practitioner. If you are interested in attending the information night, please email me –


To sign up for Tai Chi or Meditation, call me, Kristie on 0410 704 413

To sign up for Pilates, you can call Peta on 0416 371 689

To learn more about the Information Night with Luke, see his website –


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