Benefits of Tai Chi!

Benefits of Tai Chi!

“Tai Chi does not mean an oriental wisdom or something exotic. It is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process” ~ Chungliang Al Huang

The 24th of June marks the 4 year anniversary of my very first tai chi class. 4 years have gone by so quickly! I began learning tai chi 6 years ago, and throughout the past 6 years I still find tai chi to be beneficial for me in treating the arthritis in my knees. Not only does the stiffness and pain decrease, I always leave a class feeling more relaxed. I am grateful that my work is just as healing for me as it is for the students. All of my professional training has been done with Dr Paul Lam and a team of Tai Chi Master Trainers (all of whom are completely wonderful, might I add!) The following is a link to an article written by Dr Paul Lam on the benefits of Tai Chi. Enjoy!

Kristie x

Website link from the “Tai Chi for Health Institute Website” – “What Can Tai Chi Do For You?” – Article by Dr Paul Lam.